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Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Appolgize then for the misunderstanding. But instead of increasing drop rates we should've gotten a free requisition when unlocking the higher STF accolades. Problem solved.
I can definitely see that - the optional objectives are challenging enough to prove skill and effort with the right teams, and I would definitely lend my vote for such an accolade unlock - especially with the new KAGE optional upgrades happening in the morning, as well as the already existing IGE optional. THAT one is a bane to get LOL.

Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
Grinding doesn't prove anything except that you have a large amount of free time to invest into a repeated activity.

Having MK XII gear doesn't even prove that you've been grinding the missions! How many of us have been running these non-stop with no tech in sight to have someone new to elites grab a prototech in their first week?
I guess I always looked at it as a test pf patience. No one gets their gear overnight. it just doesn't happen. If there is one thing the current STF system tests it is patience. I'm pretty sure that is what I was getting at. People get very worked up over a game, and I tend to look on that in an amusing light. Rage over a game is not logical. A lot of people do not see the glass half full like I try to do. Okay . . . almost no one does. That's the cool part about being unique is that i can look at things in a different perspective.

How I see it is: Okay, so I didn't get my tech this time, but I had a GREAT time running with a GREAT group of friends that i met here in STO, AND I get dilithium like crazy doing it (plenty of free c-store points to buy things). Yes, it is repetitive. and can drag out sometimes. But that's when we take a break and go do a Defera Invasion, Red Alerts, DOFF Missions, etc. STFs are not the only end-game option.

The point is, everyone acts like because something is in the game that they absolutely HAVE to have it to progress. That is not the case. You are level 50 - there is nothing to progress to. This gear does not block you from finishing the game. Yet there is so much rage over it.

I stated it before - I have multiple characters and bridge officers who have yet to see a single Mk XII piece. I work through one character at a time simply because I DO have the time and PATIENCE to do it. I work, and i have a life and I set my own ground rules for the time and effort I put into the game. But above all, I remember that this IS just a game.

I am sorry to see so many people going postal, and so my point was to see the glass half full, and see the OTHER benefits you are getting from STFs and an MMO in general. Social networking, dilithium, loads of energy credits from loot, AND a great pass-time while waiting for additional content to come out.

of course, as expected, no one saw at all the parts I wrote where i SUPPORT you guys in SOME of the changes needing further attention, such as the re-spawn timer being in space and an answer on the length of the optional timer for KAGE. it is very typical of the majority of the player base to pick the negative out of every potentially positive post that gets put on these forums. All i can do is raise my glass of Blood Wine to you and say a toast in hopes that folks can see both sides of the fence and not only the gloom of it all.

You ARE absolutely RIGHT though . . . Elite STF gear does NOT prove skill. It ONLY proves patience, OR it acknowledges that someone spent some time with friends or a good team passing boredom for a while. I never once said anything about skill. The STFs are so bloody easy that an infant could repeat them over and over again. THAT is what makes them such an easy farm for dilithium.

No one is forcing players to get MK XII gear, either. Players do NOT have to have that gear. Mk XI gear is good enough as well. Mk XII gear is NOTHING MORE than a by-product for people who use the STFs to pass the time while waiting for new missions and content to release. DOFFs, Red Alerts, etc are just as important to the higher levels of the game, and if STFs get this stressful, feel free to step back and enjoy those elements of the game as well