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04-18-2012, 08:15 PM
I currently fly an Odyssey due to its hull strength and BOFF station mix, but I absolutely ADORE the Intrepid-class. I would love to see a Voyager bundle pack!

I definitely agree that Admiral Janeway's SC4 shuttlecraft should be included, as well as VOY/DS9 uniforms, Maquis provisional ranks and the Talaxian / Ocampan DOffs (although the latter could be downgraded to Rare quality instead)

As for the interior, I believe Cryptic should consider overhauling their current method of generating rooms and corridors inside of the ship. I've outlined a number of points in another topic, but I'll summarise them here and describe how this would apply to a Voyager interior pack.

Relative deck locations of rooms

For realism and authenticity, rooms should be located on the appropriate decks. Based on the Memory Alpha article on the Intrepid-class:

  • Deck 1 - Bridge, Ready Room, Briefing Room, Turbolift
  • Deck 2 - Mess Hall, Turbolift
  • Deck 3 - Captain's Quarters, Turbolift
  • Deck 4 - Transporter Room, Turbolift
  • Deck 5 - Sickbay, Turbolift
  • Deck 6 - Holodecks, Turbolift
  • Deck 8 - Astrometrics, Science Lab, Turbolift
  • Deck 10 - Shuttle Bay, Turbolift
  • Deck 11 - Engineering, Turbolift

Obviously, the current menu for the generic three-deck ship interior would need to be revised to cater for the additional decks. Perhaps a LCARS pop up with deck number buttons and accompanying description for each deck?

Generating interiors on-the-fly using trees, nodes and room properties

Rather than having Cryptic labouriously craft each deck manually, the relationship between rooms, corridors and junctions could be stored in a tree structure, which each element as a node. This system would permit future ship interiors / Foundry missions that simply reuse rooms / corridors of existing ships.

Using the turbolift as the "trunk" of the tree, we initially branch out to different deck corridor layouts, with each having doors that are either static dummies or lead to the aforementioned rooms.

As a (silly) example, Deck 8 may open out into a I-shaped corridor with a total of six doors (one at each end and two on each side). The turbolift, astrometrics and science lab could be specified to be located at doors 1, 5 and 6 with the rest being dummy doors.

For simplicity, the bridge, ready room and conference room could remain as part of a single deck level map.

BOff / DOff contact locations

Ideally, contacts for DOff missions should be based on our Bridge Officers. Their locations can then be programmed into various rooms. Said locations and appearances would then override the generic defaults

Assigning BOff locations on bridge

It would be fun to allow player captains to be able to specify on-the-fly who sits at which station.

Warp core ejection

Another fun gimmick, since this is a fairly often occurrence in VOY episodes. Could also include a hidden "reset" functionality.

Availability in Foundry

Along with the Defiant interior, I'd love to see this being made available in the Foundry.

Hopefully I haven't terrified you all with my ideas!