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Hey people. I had this thing sitting around for a year or so and not quite done with it, waiting on a set to rotate back into stock to complete it or at least to have a consistent color scheme .

Well anyways, to get to the point, just want to see what you people think of this. This is an idea I had for what if Starfleet did consider actually making a new fighter-like craft.

I call this a Javan class recon shuttle. It servers as a dual purpose of being outfitted easily for assault/defense and short range science missions via certain parts being of modular construction. It is only a two man craft with dual beam banks, quad cannons, and a particle accelerator that can be modified for use as a scientific tool or as a weapon, also can be equipped with torpedo pods when called for. There are only two seats in the cockpit area and most of the craft is designed to house the largest warp core possible for power generation rather than give any comforts of the typical shuttle craft.