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04-19-2012, 12:48 AM
Short Term Fix:
  • Please get rid of the insta-kills from the borg in Space STFs, it's super-annoying, especially if we have to wait extra time now every time we get one shotted.
  • SELECT ALL in Mail, I'm sick of pressing delete one hundred times, and I'm way to lazy to log into the forums to do it.

Medium Additions:
  • Aenar Playable race, shouldn't be hard to put in seeing as they are already available as a bridge officer.
  • As stated previously, we should be able to see the surround space while relaxing on our bridge. I hate the static star sticker over the main screen.
  • C-Store uniform set from the Facility 4028 mission, I forgot what the guards wear....just looks awesome.

Long term:
  • Cannot think of any at the moment, except some good fleet STFs, or fleet v fleet PVPs.
  • Edit:: Scimitar as a c-Store ship. PLEASE for when the new Romulan characters are released, and please, not as a silly lock box......