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04-19-2012, 03:02 AM
You can do Coop on ANY mission in the game, with the exception of some foundry missions because of technical limitations. All you have to is before you start the mission, get in a team with your friends (Right-click their name and then "Send team invite") Once everyone has accepted, you then go to your Missions->In Progress and then select the mission you will like to coop. Then, share it with the team and play as normal. you will all be in the same instance, and get the same reward. if you are in the same part of the story line, you will all get the story line credit.

A few things to note. If you are at different levels, such as a Vice Admiral helping out a Lt, then it is important to match the team leaders level. Whoever the team leader is (that is, the person who started sending the invites) will set the base level for the mission. If you do NOT match the level, you might end up facing lvl 50s before you are ready. Easiest way to do this is to make sure that the lowest lvl player is the team leader. (You can pass the team leadership around by right clicking their portrait and clicking "Promote to leader") Next to the team leader's Icon will be a mashed up icon of two people standing together. Make sure that this is active and that is says "currently matching team leader's level" when you hover over it.

Second thing to take note of is the team missions settings. The team leader's difficulty on their missions tab will determine the difficulty of the mission as a whole. so make sure you all agree on it. Also, you need to set your looting system for the random drops. Click the social icon on your minimap (on the right, three heads), and then go to the team settings tab. Here, you can set the loot mode and the threshold of loot that get thrown into it. Need or Greed is the standard one that everyone uses, although you can change it as needed.

Hope this covers everything. LLAP