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Originally Posted by AdSin15 View Post
Ablative Armor takes a second to deploy so your shields drop and you are vulnerable. If you are under heavy fire deploying Ablative Armor can be a death sentence.

You don't want to use Ablative Armor to save yourself from dying. You want to use Ablative Armor as a way to avoid damage while your main healing skills recharge. It's a free 15 seconds of virtual invulnerability so use it wisely.

I like to use it first, immediately upon losing my shields. Before I use any other shield heals or hull heals. When my shields are just about to drop I activate ablative armor. It should activate before you die and then immediately activate hazard emitters which will give you damage resist and begin to heal your hull. Your shields DO NOT recharge while your armor is deployed because your shield power is reduced to 0. Therefore you need to be snappy with your shield heals when ablative armor disengages. It's sometimes wise to use evasive maneuvers after using ablative armor to get out of the fight before you are killed. Heal up and join the battle again.

If you are really fast and have good stealth detect you can activate it right as a BoP is decloaking to alpha strike you.

Finally the Intrepid's high speed, maneuverability and it's Ablative Generator lend itself very well to Torpedo Boat builds. Torps and mines are the only weapons useable while in Armor mode. I have tried this before. It's very fun and especially deadly when combined with science abilities that strip shields such as Tachyon Beam and Charged Partical Burst...all of which are fully functional while in Armor mode.
Cough cough, sounds like someone has been reading 'Cygone's Intrepid Build'

Thanks for the credit.