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04-19-2012, 04:42 AM
Originally Posted by CommanderJackson900
I do not want a respawn timer in STFs. What are you guys doing this for? If people want team work they actually need to work it out not ask the Devs to force it on us. This is a game and some people don't play it seriously and are actually playing it to have fun. If we constantly get blown up in STFs or killed in STFs and die then this respawn timer would make it frustrating and anger and stress out players who don't like dying. And for you guys who say this is good...I don't agree. I don't like this change at all. Get rid of the respawn timer I don't want it in the game.
You are absolutely correct. This is indeed a game. The fortunate thing about STO is that it has different levels and focuses of challenge depending on what you do. In that light, i do support the changes with a few alterations for space battle, but support the basic process nonetheless.

The good news is you still get to enjoy the game. STFs are not required nor are necessary for any progression in the game. There is plenty to do for all levels of entertainment in STO. Red Alerts, Deferi Borg Invasions, Storyline Missions, DOFF Missions, Dailies, PvP . . . JUST to name a few.

I am on the fence about the re-spawn timer being in space. but then again we have not even seen the final results yet. Every time the Devs have made a major change, players have cried out not to do it, then the panic dies off as players adapt to the new strategies. A lot of people seem to hate change, yet change is what keeps MMOs dynamic and interesting to me.

Remember the hysteria that happened with the Odyssey release . . . people thought the SCI cruiser variant was the literal end of STO and of the world in general. Now I don't even hear anything about it because players quickly adapted. The ship that was SUPPOSEDLY "unkillable" based on interpretation of numbers on a web page by wanna-be math geeks was quickly dis-proven as not that powerful at all within a week after release. No matter how good you are as a tank . . . I will very quickly kill an Odyssey.

Moral here is . . . give the changes a chance THEN lets see how it all balances out.

On a personal note, I DO stand with the posters here with concern over the space battle timers, and I DO believe these changes should NOT be implemented in Normal STFs (Normals are supposed to be tutorials only for part time casual players), but if the changes go through, I recognize that this is a game environment. i will adapt or i will find something else to do in game that I find fun.