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04-19-2012, 05:54 AM
Originally Posted by AdSin15 View Post
Finally the Intrepid's high speed, maneuverability and it's Ablative Generator lend itself very well to Torpedo Boat builds. Torps and mines are the only weapons useable while in Armor mode. I have tried this before. It's very fun and especially deadly when combined with science abilities that strip shields such as Tachyon Beam and Charged Partical Burst...all of which are fully functional while in Armor mode.
I dont see how the 15 second ablative generator helps for a torpedo boat. When I use the generator, its because my hull is at 40%. I press my middle mouse button and evasive/deuterium/ramming speed and face the other direction.

Its saved my life countless times. Yet Id do anything to have it a toggle skill. I may not ever use it in pvp gameplay anymore, but atleast it works as it did in End Game.

I would make it a toggle and make it as strong as purple Ablative Armor XII (40%). It grants resistance to 4/6 energy weapons and prevents you from using them too.Torpedo boats are only viable in PvE, +1 armor console isnt going to be game breaking nor save you from invisitorps.