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04-19-2012, 06:39 AM
Originally Posted by srgtburglar
Did I just read this right?

All STFs now feature a respawn timer that gets progressively longer every time a player dies and respawns, up to a max respawn time of 2 minutes.

If Im reading that correctly that is total crap.

So let me get this right now you've made it even harder to get the optional? Gee thanks.

You've gone in the wrong direction again

Seriously what were you guys thinking? Now you've made STF's harder for everyone.
Yeap and they claim people asked for this which it true in a way a very few uber players did but ill bet my bottom dallor the majority of the players will hate this and i am afraid there if going to be uber rage pouring out on the forums now, way more then they ever seen before, which will be well devserved on there part this time, because common sence would tell them there average player had a hard time now doing them, and the pug groups will now be even worse, i hate to say it i try to support cryptic but i realy cant on this one, this is a huge mistate and i am afraid its gonna come back and bite them.