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04-19-2012, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by fllyraen
If you don't have the situational awareness to retreat and heal, ask for a heal or let someone else get aggro when you're getting your butt kicked, you DO deserve to sit in time out.

Edit: Exception - Invisible OMGWTFBBQ torpedos.
My point is learning is part of the game. Punishing players for trying to learn should not be. Not all of us " including myself" know the game inside and out we learn through changing skills and trying different tactics. I learn something new every day I play this game and seems all I will be learning now is something else better to do with my 2 minutes. Time progress in game the time you spend on a respawn screen adds up. Not all of us are elitists and have the opinion IF YOU DONT KNOW YOU SHOULDNT BE PLAYING mentality. Guess what you've forgotten what Day 1 of STO was like.