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04-19-2012, 10:22 AM
Short-term requests

1. Instead of logging out to change toons, give us the option to just return to the Character select screen without having to relog in.
1.a add to the launcher and the log in screen a remember password option.

2. Add a export avatar to .png/.jpeg to the tailor (both ship and ground) and let us see the mods that we have the visuals enabled on our ships in the tailor.

3. up the stacks to 500, and make all items that currently don't stack, able to be stacked so long as they are of the same mark and quality

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

1. 29th Century Bundle please.
29th century Starfleet Uniform as seen in the StarTrek:Voyager Episode Relativity . [ full rank list for the 29th century - ]
29th century phaser pistol, seen in Future's End
Temporal Integrity Commission Duty Officer cadre
Wells-class " U.S.S Relativity NCV-474439-G " time ship + Aeon-type shuttle + non-combat Aeon-type shuttle pet

2. pet storage aboard our ship. a place on our ship where we can put our tribbles and other pets. so we can use our bank and inventory slots for other things, with out the fear of tribble eating our food stores

3. let those who already have the TR-116A craft them and have them be bind of equip. or put a updated one in the STF Store using Uncommon, rare and prototype salvage for the Mk X,XI, and XII respectably

Long-term requests

1. give us a way to get lobi crystals in game besides the lock boxes. DOff Mission or something... or let us trade GPL for a cache of LC.

2. End the war between the federation and the Klingon Empire...

3. Expand upon the Borg's connection to V'ger, or why the Borg Command Ships look like it. ( I know what Roddenberry had written in thenovelization of TMP, in his script notes for the episode Q Who? made the connections as well, and that's what shatner used for his The Return (Star Trek: Odyssey #2) book.