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04-19-2012, 10:03 AM
Originally Posted by deathray38
If Tetryon Glider is using same % mechanic, we could test it on beam array instead (against weak MK I shield) - results should be noticed instantly.
The problem with the above is that critical hits can skew the numbers -- you would have to manually filter these out.

Here's another way to verify: Take a quad cannon and shoot at a target while no Omega set items nor weapon damage consoles are equipped, and set weapon energy to base 25.. Shoot 10x firing cycles or however many times you want, then note the average damage vs. shields per firing cycle (you can see shield quantity under the target ship's Defense Tab). Now, do the same test with a single turret.

Next, equip 2 Omega set items and repeat the above tests. If Tetryon Glider is triggering per shot, then you will see a huge jump in shield damage on the same target with the quad cannons, around +(16 x base tetryon glider drain), while the turret will show only minimimum bonus shield damage (2 x base tetryon glider drain). If the tetryon glider delta the same between both weapons, then that proves procs trigger per firing cycle.

At work now, so I can't run these tests for another 8 hours, but you're welcome to find another test partner.