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04-19-2012, 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by Shar487
Unfortunately no, I can only go by numeric analysis and observation. You do bring up a good point with DOFF's reducing recharge times, but all things being equal, those torpedo DOFF's can apply their bonuses to any torp since they trigger per shot. Since Photons have faster base fire rates, they will get more opportunities to get the torpedo cooldown reduction.
That's true, about the photon's causing more procs - If I get a chance I'll do some testing of a 3 DHC + 1 launcher photon vs. 1 launcher quantum with 1, 2 and 3 Purple PWOs slotted.

Cygone has done some excellent testing in his Sci ship build threads, but IIRC he did not use all Purple PWOs and also did not test for the effects on a single launcher.

Personally, I doubt I would switch either way. I really don't think I would see more than a 1 or 2% overall increase in DPS - and I'd much rather have the burst of quantums for dealing with things like guarding kang or lobbing a torp spread of quantums at the pack of spheres in infected.

Still, I'm curious enough about the DPS conversation to test it.

Originally Posted by Shar487
I only run Hazard Emitters for a hull heal, 2 EPtS's in non-stop rotation, and Sci-team to maintain shields. I find it easier to survive sustained combat with Omega's while using a run-and-gun escort. I'm guessing that MACO's probably work better in cruisers given all of their engineer based shield recharge abilities. I will try using MACO again to give it a more thorough review.
I run the same, although no Sci Team for STFs as I'm chaining 2x TT 1.

Perhaps the biggest difference is ship, where I'm using a Fleet Escort layout (on JHAS) with my BOFFs.

That let's me have RSP 1 & TSS 1 (which you might be carrying some copy of as well).

Against Tac Cubes I pretty much hug the top of the cube, nose down and run a semi-figure 8 pattern - I try to keep speed at a constant half impulse to full impulse depending in how (or if) the cube is moving.

I've been doing this to maximize damage, but it means I do suffer quite a bit o bleed-through at times.

I generally deal with bleed through with MACOs greater bleed through protection, having 2x neutroniums slotted, and then I combine or chain my abilities designed to support my hull (subspace field mod, HE 2, brace for impact with 2x blue hazard DOFFs & APO 3) depending on how much flak I'm taking and how fast I'm taking it.

Obviously this is an MVAE thread, on my MVAE for doing the above, I run polarize hull 1, HE 2 & TSS 3 - although my MVAE capt is Sci so it doesn't take nearly as much incoming damage as my Tac does.

Originally Posted by Shar487
Another quick update: I tried a few DC and DHC lone cannon tests, but unfortunately tetryon glider is not being displayed as a separate readout in combat logs. As a result, there is no way to confirm or deny proc rates being based per hit or per firing cycle from a standard STO client. However, I did notice something interesting: DC's have a recharge of 1 sec but a weapon firing time of 2 seconds. DHC's have a 1 second weapon discharge time but 2 seconds recharge time. This puts both at matched sets of 3 seconds per full firing cycle. Also, each shot did occasionally critical.
Nice info, thanks for posting.