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04-19-2012, 11:27 AM
Originally Posted by Ramos40000 View Post
Short term:
- support, add in, plug in, sw for Logitech G13

Mid term:
- new PVE maps! Lots of them! But also keep the old one! (Mirror Fed PVE, 8472 PVE, Iconian PVE)
- be able to upgrade console slots, add new ones
- be able to upgrade ship hull, shields
- be able to train bridge oficers to higher tiers
- new ships!

Long term:
- new episodes, new story lines
my input:

change "upgradeable slots" to, add a console 2 of each tact/eng/sci (the "console, adds 2 or 3 slots, and uses up 1 slot, of it's same type, and is uniqr) (limit the ships they are allowed on, so that the player, never has more console slots than their largest slot ship, so based on rank, they are allowed more consoles, the higher level they are)

^ limited to a max of 5 of each console slot, after includeing he one used by the 2-3way-console-spliter)

hull hp upgrades: I think this should be automatic, like Shuttles, but based on the highest HP ship you own that "class" so your Escorts, would have the HP of your best Escort, and so on

upgradeing shields: .... *eyroll* .... you buy an upgraded shield and replace the old one, it's already in game. (if you meen the shield multiplyer, answer would be no, it would cause balance issues)