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04-19-2012, 12:12 PM
Lets not get crazy with our wish lists and just stick with what would seem logical.. being able to outfit Ferengi Bridge Officers with the Ferengi cloths....

Mixing Omega and MACO... doesn't make sense but being able to put Ferengi BOs in Ferengi CLothing does..

How stupid does it look that your Ferengi Captain can wear Ferengi clothing but your Ferengi crew has to wear Federation uniforms? Obviously no thought was put into this at all...

And as a side note.. during the Cardassian lock box event you were able to get the DS9 uniforms as a reward... this was wearable by the who crew (and yes I know its a uniform vs off duty as descrived) but the principle of the matter is the same... you gave away a uniform pack wearable by the who crew yet this time around its only for the playable captain. Just label them as uniforms.. The are afterall FERENGI UNIFORMS.

Watch any Star Trek Episode and that's what they wore.. so why is a FERENGI UNIFORM and OFF DUTY UNIFORM?

This is the root of the problem... reclassify them in the back end and push it through.. easy as that.