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04-19-2012, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by deathray38
number of projectiles =/= actual number of shoots. Graphics are lieing All dual (cannons/beams) do single hits, you just see two projectiles instead of one. Same thing affect quad cannon.

Only way of measuring number of actual shoots is 1/(damage/dps)
I'm not counting the number of projectiles on the screen... I'm counting the number of damage entries in the combat logs. DC's generate 4 damage entries per firing cycle without any CRF or CSV. DHC's generate 2 damage entries per firing cycle. Paired cannon bolts do single hits, but DC's shoot 4 pairs per firing cycle, while DHC's shoot 2. These numbers double when CSV and CRF are active.

EDIT: I haven't tested the quad cannon yet, but I will when I get home. However, if quad cannons shoot as fast as DC's, both should still be able to completely drain all 9k shields (total 36k shield points) per facing in 16-20 seconds. You should be able to test this easily with any partner. This should also be done at max range (9.99km), 25 weapon power, and no weapon consoles so that energy weapon damage will be near zero. This will allow you to measure only Tetryon Glider's actual shield drain proc.