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# 1 The Vault Raid Walkthrough
04-19-2012, 01:32 PM
This is a Walkthrough for the Vault Raid event. Check the calender for when it happens.

It's a shuttle/fighter only mini-STF, so make sure you have a small craft that's outfitted properly. You'll be encountering primarily Scorpian fighters with Plasma turrets, however there will also be Disruptor, Plasma Torpedo, and Tractor Turrets.

For fighters, Dual Heavy Cannons/Dual Cannons are good against the Larger ships and weapon turrets, but are bad against the fighters and the tractor turret (unless you're facing it when it tractors you).

Each room has a timer of about 4 minutes. You have that much time to accomplish the room's objectives and mob up any remaining enemies.

It's your job to protect Obisek. If his ship is damaged below 0%, he will cloak and repair. The progress bar will pause at this point. After he repairs, he will start his progress bar, so be sure to keep him protected to not waste time. You have an option to repair his ship completely ONCE through the entire run through a button, use it wisely. You can repair his ship with healing powers, but since you're in a shuttle, they won't recover too much health.

While in the corridors between the rooms, there will be some turrets to slow you down, but time is not a factor in these corridors.

Phase 1: Entry Chamber
This is where you start out. You will be held in place for a minute to read the briefing (Currently bugged, only one person saw the briefing when I entered into the instance twice). After that, Obisek's ship will move to the entrance. There will be plasma torpedo/disruptor turrets around the central column, and tractor turrets around the outer edge. Scorpion Fighters will mob Obisek's ship, the team must do their best to mop them. They won't pose a serious threat to Obisek unless they're left unchecked. At some point turrets emerge from the door and attack his ship as well.

When the progress bar reaches a certain point, it will halt and you will have to interact with a power junction on the map. The first one will be on the right facing the door. You can spot it by its white box and name. The second one will be on the left facing the door. Both are guarded by a tractor turret and a few scorpion fighters. The tractor turrets should be dealt with first, as they have a tendency to be tenacious with their tractoring.

After both power junctions are rerouted and Obisek's progress bar completes, you will have to wipe out the remaining enemy forces before being allowed to continue.

Phase 2: Reactor Core
Now in addition to turrets and fighters, you'll have to face Birds-of-Prey. Their heavy plasma torpedoes can do serious damage to your ship if your shields are down, so be mindful of them. In this room, Obisek will have a progress bar, which will halt and require you to overload two power cores. They'll be on opposite sides of the center. They'll be guarded by a plasma torpedo and disruptor turret, however the Birds-of-Prey will make it difficult to interact with them. You may need to send two people, one to provide cover to the interactor, and one to overload the power core.

Once all four cores are overloaded and the progress bar completes, wipe out the remaining forces quickly to proceed.

Phase 3: Thaleron Projector
This is the last stretch of the mission. Birds-of-Prey will now move in packs of 3, and the Thaleron Generator will occasionally flair up. (Be sure to have your Effects under options set to Medium or you may not see the warning trails). If this happens, move out of the way of the green lines or you will be damaged severely. He will ask for protection 3 times, pausing the progress bar. This will prompt the team to interact with him (Re modulate Compute, Relay Virus, Reinitialize Computer).

After his progress bar completes, the generator will stop and a Romulan Defender (D'redex) will uncloak and attack. Like the regular D'redex, it'll fire triple heavy plasmas, but in addition to this it also has feedback pulse, polarize hull, reverse shield polarity, and Aux2Struct. Destroy it, mop up the remaining forces, and you'll have retaken the Vault for the Remans. Your loot will be hovering above the Thaleron generator, be sure to take it before leaving, or the kick timer runs out.

Each run will earn you one Reman datalog. You'll need 3 data logs to claim the Prototype Reman Deflector and Engines through the Tactical Doff. You'll need 10 data logs to upgrade Mark XI to mark XII Prototype Reman through the Engineering Doff.