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04-19-2012, 07:05 PM
For what its worth, here are a few notes to update your OP. Feel free to steal them.

I can confirm that there used to be a mission to craft a Delta Flyer. This mission required you to do a daily repeatable mission several times to collect particle traces while in a shuttlecraft of some sort, and was available to any Lt.Cmdr or higher character. I did this mission myself back in the day, and I still very much enjoy my Delta Flyer. The mission did not grant an account-wide unlock, so it would have to be repeated on each character. The crafting mission was removed in the transition to F2P.

The prototype Odyssey has a crew of 2,500, not 1,000.

Free Veteran Rewards ships are granted at the following levels -
400 days: Captain's Yacht (a fancy shuttle)
600 days: VA Ship Token. This is not an account-wide unlock, but each character on the account may receive the token and claim their own choice of ship. Because this is not a purchase, you DO NOT get to reclaim the ship for free if you discard it. You can claim any of the ships that cost dilithium with this token, including captain-refits like the cloaking Defiant, but not the VA +1 refits. Basically, this is what subscribers (which was everyone) used to get before F2P went live.
1,000 days: Starship Variant. This has yet to be detailed, but my guess would be that allows you to claim for free your choice of any ship, on a per-character basis. Since there are no players at this stage of veteran rewards until the end of the year, we have no official word on what exactly this reward is, so it could be something new and special.

Ship slots. Gold players get free bonus slots at several Veteran Reward tiers. Additional slots are also purchasable, up to (I believe) a maximum of 25 per character.