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04-19-2012, 11:44 PM
OK, finally have some concrete results. Unfortunately I didn't have time to more than 2 tests, but here's what I have:

Test Firing Ship: 125/100 weapon power setting, no cannon BO abilities. Listed shield drain = -10 per energy weapon (huge nerf in this patch). 1 DC and 1 DHC, but only one of these is equipped at any time, both AP Mk XI

Test Shield Ship: stationary, 10,233 total shields per side, distance 7.0km

Without Tetryon Glider:
-DHC shield breach time = 30 seconds, avg 341 dps
-DC shield breach time = 28 seconds, avg. 365 dps

With Tetryon Glider:
-DHC shield breach time = 20 seconds and 24 seconds (avg. 22 sec, 465 dps)
-DC shield breach time = 22 seconds and 25 seconds (avg 23.5 seconds, avg 435 dps)

Even though the DC is firing twice as often as the DHC, there was no significant DPS gain while Tetryon Glider was active over the DHC. Based on the above, I still don't think procs trigger per shot hit.