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04-20-2012, 12:27 AM
I use the MVAE with my tactic but with a different configuration.

First of all (in the front) I use only 3xDHC and a dual beam array, to reduce energy drain... moreover the dual beam array help me to front the enemy and fire with the cannons.
In the rear I use only 2xbeam array and a quantum torpedo. Some players use turrets to increase damage when they front enemis, but turrets drains energy and in a real figth you front the enemy only for some time... often your enemy try to turn, evade your fire and fire at your back or side... So my tactic: when I front the enemy I use only front weapon (plus cannon rapid fire or scatter volley) and when I turn or the enemy escape from my front I use beam array and beam overload. So the damage I do not deal with turrets I deal with beam array and with beam overload I can deal a great damage.

Second: I think maco shield is better for an escort and I use it with the others 3 borg pieces. So I increase my energy levels and get other usefull bonus/ability.

Moreover, i do not use console to reinforce my hull... My resistance is in my shields and to increase my resistance I use TT, TSS and EPtS. My end console slots are used by the multivector and borg consoles....

some multivector assault modes are great.