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04-20-2012, 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by Heretic
It's a good idea; the challenge is that new bridge officers are very expensive in development time to make.

I am pretty sure nobody would mind BOFFs looking the same (at the time of recruitment) - the first costume/body/face change is free.
So, why not take the standard starting costume from the player character generator for the missing species?

for starters:

copy the BOFF
create a three very rare recruitment assignments for each branch
Disaster, Failure: nothing,
Success: random blue BOFF from the roster,
Critical: moderate chance, Benzite, purple, just one variant, fixed traits etc., maybe rare BOFF ability

rare assignment
Success: random purple BOFF from the new roster of yet not existing species
Critical: low chance, two BOFFs

Just to experiment with the concept and see where to go from there?