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04-20-2012, 02:03 AM
Originally Posted by Vampir888 View Post
I don't know if you can get an Accolade when you are completing an assignment. As far as I know there isn't one working like this currently. Use the data chip and you get an Accolade (like wise to the Path to... chips).

Depending on how much work it is to include Accolades as an assignment reward, the data chip variant might be easier to implement because all the assets are already there (and now I jinxed it. ).

Furthermore on a repeatable step you could get an additional data chip to "trade" the story with others. That way you wouldn't have to Doff to get the story. If you would only get an accolade, you would have to do the mission to read the story.
Datachip to be "archived" as an accolade then. )

The point is to add more story to the assignments, not to give players something to read instead of playing.