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04-20-2012, 02:02 AM
One other thing I should point out about the Nebula build is that you can adapt it very well into a healing / support role for PvP without changing your skill tree. In PvP itís the Escorts that do the damage and the longer you can keep Escorts alive the better your entire team will do.

To do this, simply switch out the SPG consoles for Shield Emitter consoles (+Shield Heal), and switch the Boffs / Doffs as per below:

Tac. Lt. - TT1 / HYT2
Eng. Lt. - EPtA / EPtS2 / A2SiF2
Eng. Lt. Cmd. - EPtA / EPtS2 / (EWP1)
Sci. Ens. - Tractor1
Sci. Cmd. - Tractor1 / TSS2 / ST3 / VM3

2xDevelopment Lab Scientists
3xEvasive Manoeuvres

Run 125S and 125A, use Evasive to keep out of trouble and your Science Team now heals for 4600/facing/15seconds!! Or 1225 HPS!! At 125A TSS2 gives 20% or so shield resistance and because of the increase in your shield healing your EPtS2 now heals yourself for nearly 3000 a time!

This turns you into an unkillable, tanky healer, with really good mobility because of the evasive manoeuvers doffs, with the added benefit of running disruptors so that your Escorts do even more damage.