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04-20-2012, 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainMerzan
Yea right with the cubes one shots and invisable one shots, guess youll be doing them alone
I took your advice. KASE my ESCORT took on the right side cubes . . . alone . . . and did not die once. Mind you I was in THE squishiest ship in the game besides a BOP and i survived. The cubes never one-shotted me, nor did they even do much damage. Ah . . . and I had time to swoop down and nail the probes between killing the cubes. If you do not believe me, I have teammates that can post here to attest to this.

Ah .. . and the spawn timers are NOT the panic people are making them out to be. people died on our team . . . we pulled through. ALL 6 STF runs were successful. And optionals? IGE is a bit of a pain for me at the moment, but the rest are still very easy. KAGE . . . still way too easy of a mission to do.