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03-16-2009, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Moryan Sorg
Ok, I totally agree with this. I think that as the captain I should be able to step in and do the job of my NPC crew if I so choose. This could be managed from an NPC window on the UI.

At release there could be just a few graphics and things that a captain could do/cpmmand. Like others have stated, they can gradually release other tasks/interiors until eventually they build up enough content that you could actually have Guest NPCs and full ship interiors. I find this approach very reasonable.
It's better, if they ever intend to have player crews, for them to develop the mechanics fully and release the feature when it is fully developed rather than start out with bits and pieces providing a mediocre experience, upon which to gradually build, that is going to result in disappointed fans and poor reviews.