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03-16-2009, 01:56 PM
This is the best approach to capturing the Trek experience, at least in my opinion.

When we watch a Star Trek movie or series, we're witnessing what is the very core of the essence of Star Trek, that's collaboration. Different species, different people - all cooperating to reach a mutual goal. And while that may seem to contradict the path the Devs took, it's really not.

Part of the experience includes association with all of the bridge crew, not just one. Likewise, the ship you command should follow that form. I'm going into the game not just excited to play Captain, but ultimately playing every role of my ship, and even playing the ship itself on some level.

Ideally I'd love opportunities for mini-games involving targeting ships from tactical and serving some drinks as the 10-Forward bartender, but that's not the crux of the game or the series. That always rests firmly with the captain, be it Janeway or Kirk.

I'm hoping our "pets" won't become disposable redshirts who will be replaced with little or no hassle. I'm hoping a veteran crew who've been under your command for a long time will likewise grow with you - and I hope there are options for humanizing (for lack of a better term) them and fleshing out their lives - and maybe even inhabiting them as well as the forgotten roles on a starship.

"Lower Decks" remains a fan favorite TNG episode precisely because of that.