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04-20-2012, 07:17 AM
Would it be worth adding that some, not sure if all, but some c-store toys work on small craft, the final boss in the last room was made a lot easier when a Fed on my team dropped Theta Radiation and not to forget the doff turrets you can acquire come in handy, they may not last long but were helpful in deflecting attention away from Obisek's ship (sp?) if only for a few seconds. The handy thing here to remember is that devices can be swapped in combat making these handy to have, to me anyway .

Would it also be worth adding a doff set up, I flew a fighter with in built rapid fire, my main gun was an Antiproton Dual Heavy cannon and I had a photon torp in the second weapon slot which I had backed up with 3 (2 purple/1 Blue) projectile officers, the stream of photons made light work of turrets and Birds of Prey, at least in my experience.

Lastly, I saw a dev post stats on the Reman MK XII set in the TTS channel and Screen-shotted the 3 tool tips, I know the tool tips are relevant to the ship I'm in and may differ slightly for others depending on your ship etc.

MK XII V.Rare Shield
MK XII V.Rare Eng
MK XII V.Rare Def

Edit: The shield stats shown are for a ship with a 1.05 shield modifier value and 9 points in Starship Shield Systems.