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So... I managed to acquire the Warrior's Skirt, and even now I'm disappointed

It looks good, but there's two things wrong that dampen my happiness with it.

1. Can't use belts with the skirt. - I pretty much always use the Academy belt, because it's the only decent belt KDF has. Not being able to use it kinda ruins the look my character normally has. If this option could be added, I'd greatly appreciate it.

2. Can only use KDF Boots, cannot use Orion sandals - This is a skirt, so you'd expect it to be a little more "comfortable" than the ultra-tight pants normally worn. So you have "comfort, comfort, COMBAT BOOTS"... it just throws the whole look off completely. In fact, it kinda seems like a bug, since there are "Ankle Attach" options for the Orion anklets. If you could add the option for Orion sandals (or fix it if it's a bug), I'd greatly appreciate it. Of course, if you added bare feet, I'd love that too