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04-20-2012, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by deathray38
Test had few flaws:
- unknown shield regeneration value
- only one trial per test (not enough data to separate random values from general numbers)
I agree that more tests are required for better accuracy, but you're welcome to do some testing as well btw, shield was a MACO Mk XI on a Ferengi D'Kora, and its recharge rate was approx. 160.

Originally Posted by deathray38
But still, if TG do -10 shield damage per volley, then DPS gain should be below -3/s (because it is DC/DHC volleys refirerate)

As you have seen you get 80-120 extra DPS (from -10 base value) just because of equipping Tetryon glider...

As I said, one test is not enough to measure and calculate anything, but results are much closer to %per hit then %per volley.
If tetryon glider procs per shot, and +80-120 dps is observed on the DHC, then we should be seeing around +160-240 extra dps on the DC. However, this is not even remotely supported by the results. Experimental error and randomness cannot explain away this high discrepancy. I suggest running your own tests to add to the data.