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04-20-2012, 10:05 AM
I have not run the mission yet myself (and not sure if I will bother), but thanks for the walkthrough. It seems pretty straight-forward. You mention only being able to repair Obisek's ship once. Does that mean we can't use our own BO/Captain powers to heal his ship (as we can, for instance, heal the Kang in the Cure Space STF)?

Originally Posted by nPoon
...Each run will earn you one Reman datalog. You'll need 3 data logs to claim the Prototype Reman Deflector and Engines. You'll need 10 data logs to claim the mark XII Prototype Reman shield (in addition to the shield itself, it must be Mark XI).
We have to send our DOffs on assignments to "claim" the prizes once we get enough Datalogs, is this correct?

Also, do you mean to say the Mk XII Prototype Reman Shield is effectively "DOff-crafted" from a Mark XI Reman Shield using 10 Datalogs?

So to get the whole Mk XII set, it takes 1x run of the original Coliseum mission to acquire the Mk XI shield (possibly already completed, right?), then 16x "Vault Raids" to get the Datalogs? I suppose 17 mission runs (versus "zillions" of STF runs) to get a Mk XII set, is fairly reasonable. Huh.

It's too bad I have to dance to Crytic's schedule though...

Anyway, do you know the set stats/features?