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04-20-2012, 11:04 AM
"Accolade complete: Lieutenent Ability: Rank III" is a text bug. When you first acquire a Captain ability, regardless of your current rank, it will be Rank I (1). When you advance a rank, your current Captain abilities automatically gain 1 rank. So when you reach Lt. Commander, your Sensor Scan I ability will because Sensor Scan II.

Part of the Free-to-Play game version was changing how level/ranks are displayed. One thing they did was to change the level number by -1. Instead of levels 1-51, they changed it to display as 0-50. The breakpoints that abilities and rewards are given didn't change. So the information you are looking (i.e. Ability at Rank 7 is outdated (aka bugged) and needs to be fixed.

You can report the bug by using the /bug facility. Select "Report a Bag" in the Game Menu. Or type the '/bug' command in the chat window to bring up the Bug reporting window.