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04-20-2012, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
It was a limited sample but that's not what your results show.

Your results show DCs performing better against shields without Tet Glider, vs. DHCs and then with Tet Glider it flips and DHCs pulled ahead in take down time over DCs.

The final results might be close but comparing the damage gained is interesting:

DHCs gained 124 dps, and an average 8s reduction in take down time
DCs gained 70 dps, and an average 4.5s reduction in take down time

That's pretty huge, and could just be the result of only a handful of tests but it's pretty interesting none the less.
The experimental sample size was very small at only 2 tests per cannon type with TG active. The fact that the cannons tested were AP probably threw more damage into the mix whenever a critical occurred. Each DHC hit deals double that of a DC, so when they crit, they generate larger numbers. DHC's also shoot half as many shots as DC. These combined makes DHC more prone to random high and low numeric variances than DC's.

I would encourage others reading this to try the same test if they have at least 2 Omega pieces. Either way, the double-fire rate of DC's over DHC's isn't generating twice the shield drain bonus expected from proc-per-hit assumptions. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that procs are triggering independent of how many actual shots are fired. In other words, they seem to only trigger once per firing cycle.