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03-16-2009, 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by Moryan Sorg
I can't remember where, but I remember reading a dev post that said that the NPC crews won't die. During battle %ages of the crew will die and decrease performance, but not the actual NPC crew that you'll be able to take on away missions. The NPC crews, captain and ship will be disabled/incapacitated and not destroyed/killed. At least that seems to be the plan right now.

I like your post on a whole. There was a thread a week or two ago, "NPC crews is a lie" and it was basically pointing out that while they state that the PC is the captain, it will probably feel more like the PC is the whole ship. Cryptic seems to be trying to give each individual player a whole episode feel, and not just from the perspective of one of the crew members. I really like that approach.
Thanks. I'll have to check out that thread if its still up.

I think this is often an overlooked tid-bit that both hardcore trekkers ("I want to be Engineer NOT Captain"), Casual Trek Fans ("I watched a show and a movie here and there") and total newbies ("Star Trek? Is that the one with the laser swords?") can all agree on: the crux of Star Trek is the ships and their crews.

You don't see a show named "Star Trek: Janeway." It's called "Voyager." I really hope we'll come to identify as the ship itself, because that's where the mythology comes from. The ship becomes a living entity. Yes there are mythic captains, but there's also mythic engineers and doctors. And they form a cohesive whole. Ultimately its the crew of Voyager that got her home from the Delta Quadrant - and ultimately when two player's ships, for example, the USS Scotland meets the USS Ghandi en-route to a mission. You'll be able to see the renown and exploits not of just the captain, but of every crew member who helped build that reputation.