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04-20-2012, 06:58 PM
A huge cause of DPS variation you will find in STF DPS especially when flying a sci ship is one thing.

Attack Pattern Beta.

On an STF target -1 resist is nearly a 1% boost in damage. A -52 resist from an APB3 is nearly a 50% boost, throw on two copies and/or sensor scan etc and it gets crazy. I believe it would cap at nearly 4x damage but have no clue or way to prove it. This is the simple reason I fly escorts only in STFs (I PuG), keeping APB on target means my entire team deals nearly 50% more damage against it's hull. And yes this applies to many science powers as well, as long as they deal kinetic damage.

To test/see this simply watch your damage log, I will typically have "Your beam array deals 1402 (986) damage to borg" which means it would have dealt 986, but due to negative resists it dealt 1402.

Cygone, in your parties do you have a lot of sensor scans, APBs, etc being thrown around? That would be a huge factor in your ship's parsed DPS as that damage is the result of another ship's ability.

*Edit* I personally feel the only real way to measure a ships 'optimum dps potential' is to solo a transformer in KA. Time how long it takes you to kill it and then do the math, that is your personal dps potential.