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04-21-2012, 07:40 AM
First the Type 8 is so Garbage it makes you hate living. Buy the Danube Runabout, it's an EC ship so not hard.

Emergency Power to Shields or a HE1 is nice, I found I don't so much need more firepower but more survival.

Tac Team on a shuttle doesn't seem smart to me, don't get me wrong it's great and all but there are far more useful powers out there.

Hargh'peng or the Breen Cluster Torpedo are fantastic on a shuttle. And if your going for weird, Drop the Tricobalt Mine and run for the space hills. A Hargh'Peng is a 15s cooldown one shot Torpedo for enemy Shuttles.

The Auto Leveling 360 Beam array isn't that bad, but you can get more energy DPS out of a single MK 12 turret let alone a pair.

Aegis, or Borg are both great for a Shuttle craft, if you want you can go 3P Borg and a MACO shield. or 2P Borg 2P Omega or MACO.