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04-21-2012, 08:06 AM
OK let's go but since I don't know your level, Captain's branch, BOFF skills, things won't be 100% accurate.

First 125 power, After 50 power to weapons every point more of power increases weapons damage by 2%

For Clarity Damage is Red, Power is Yellow
A Phaser doing 100 Damage at 50 will do 200 Damage at 100 and 250 Damage at 125

Second EPS consoles are only useful if you change your power levels alot or use Beam Overload, otherwise they don't increase DPS like they used to. Now I bet somebody who hasn't read the Patch notes will come and say I'm wrong followed by somebody linking directly to the change followed by more people ignoring it.

Engineering Consoles:
Polyduranium Alloy
Polyduranium Alloy
SIF Generator

There's two, because I don't know anything about you, your captain or your BOFFs and there abilities. RCS is a boost to your turning based on the ships base Turn, you have a 6 in a Galaxy and it is the General Consensus that it's not worth running an RCS there. The SIF is probably not even needed and you could go a third Polyduranium

Science Consoles:
Emitter Array
Inertial Dampeners

Again no information so you get Generic. Inertial Dampeners helps you resist everything, if you got a favourite Sci power you like to use buff it. Emitters help with shield heals BTW.

Tactical Consoles:
Phaser Relay
Phaser Relay

Or what ever energy type you use boost it. If your running rainbows your losing far more DPS and lowering your chance of getting the proc since it's one or two in eight rather than eight of eight.

As for ship Weapons Consider a Torp or Dual Beam Bank front and rear because the broardside of 8 beams does less DPS than the broardside of 6 beams due to power drain.

On Deflectors, Engines and Shields. Engine doesn't really matter at Tier 4 nor does Deflector. Try a Positron Deflector Array it is for Cruisers and boosts survivability. A Covariant Shield with a Cap Bonus is always a safe bet for most PVE playstyles at this level.

Disclaimer: While this is by no means the best Galaxy design out there, I know nothing; absolutely nothing about the character and his player who is using this ship. Hence I designed it to be a general survivable cruiser. None of this build takes into account the difficulty in getting the parts I suggested.