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04-21-2012, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by deathray38
Ok, now I have 100% confirmed test results.

I've used Tetryon glider and beam bank against low-level encounter enemies. EACH beam shoot drained shields.
Because of enemy low level damage was very easy to notice, drain happen EXACTLY at the moment of beam hit and drain value was large enough to make any kind of shield distribution meaningless.

Tetryon glider damage apply to EVERY SINGLE HIT (dual beam banks attack/ dual cannon double bullet are still single attacks).
Good news... I confirmed your findings with another fleet member. Unfortunately I also now question if tetryon glider effect follows the same code mechanics because its drain level is influenced by current weapon power, while other procs work independently of weapon power. I'll post my test data when I return.

EDIT: OK, here are the numbers!

Target ship was a shuttle, but I had the target player bring up his ship's defense tab so that he could give me actual shield drain numbers from the rear shield opposite of the shield facing being hit. This gave us only the shield drain measurements, without any direct weapon damage. Range was 9.96km

Weapon --- Shield Drain at Weapon System Power at 67 --- Shield Drain at Weapon System Power at 125

-AP Beam Array --- 40 --- 103

-AP Dual Heavy Cannon --- 27 --- 52

-AP Dual Cannon --- 53 --- 103

-AP Turret --- 53 --- 103

Now that Tetryon Glider has been reduced to 25% its original effectiveness in the current patch, I don't know if I can recommend going DC's instead of DHC's just to support Tetryon Glider. DC's will produce slightly more shield drain due to increased shot output, but DHC's still seem to outpace them due to the extra critical damage (not much, but it's there) while both have the Tetryon Glider bonus. This was demonstrated in my last test pitting DC vs. DHC.