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Originally Posted by sumghai
The key thing is that you should remain in constant communication with your team mates, and to buddy up when rerouting the junctions / overloading the cores. There were times I was unable to reroute the junctions in time because I was stuck in a tractor beam / being pounded up Scorpions, whilst other players ignored my hails for help.
Communication does help, but it's not particularly necessary in the case that nobody listens. It only really takes one person to interact with all of the different things. The tractor turrets are easily thwarted with polarize hull, or two photon torpedoes. You can get around being shot up a lot by the BoP in the Reactor room by flying beneath the generator. You shouldn't have too much trouble provided there's at least two people by Obisek in the Thaleron Projector room(though I can't imagine where else the team would be).

Originally Posted by trismigistus View Post
With other sets the parts all have to be the same MARK and preumably rarity although you can't get different rarities with other sets anyway.
Sorry, I forgot about the upgrading. You get the Mark XI for the first turn in (Deflector and Engine), which will work with the Mark XI shield you get from "Coliseum". After that, you can upgrade each piece individually through the Engineering Doff missions to get Mark XII.

Originally Posted by Gypsy_Blade
seriously they improve prototype tech drop rate and give us a worse grind...... I'm still curious on the stats for the deflector and engine.. the set bonus looked pretty good.. IMO
Boldly Grinding where so many others have grinded before.
This other thread about the Vault has the stats on the set pieces

Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
Fixes needed for this mission:
  • Cut Scorpion cloaking frequency by 50%
  • Cut BOP spawn by 25%

Then it might be less annoying.
The BoPs don't spawn that often, unless you team isn't taking them out, and the scorpion cloaking is actually to your advantage, as long as your using either deploy-able turrets or Torpedo Spread. Even if you have neither, you wipe out the scorpions faster when they start to or come out of cloak then if they just swarmed around.