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04-21-2012, 02:34 PM
The M.A.C.O. set provides an emergency shield HoT in case you're taking too much fire from the Borg. The Tactical Readiness Network helps to expose the Borg, but this isn't very helpful if half the team isn't using exploit weapon. TRN can really help mop up Borg through exploits, and if you have the Automated Personnel Unit from testing Season 5, it's guaranteed to expose at least a few Borg.

The Omega set provides a Stealth power to increase your damage and reduce the damage you take from the opening shot. It's a good choice for a Tank who wants to increase their damage, especially if you use it to flank the Borg. However, it's not a good idea if you tend to generate more threat then the rest of the team and can't compensate for it. The Team Ambush Field helps the team output more damage, though this isn't necessarily needed for a team with more than three tactical officers. In addition, the Auto Rifle gets adapted to very quickly, even if you use the first setting, so you'll be using your backup weapon a lot more.

Mark XII weapons from the store are good too (if you don't have the set yet). Pulse waves are great at taking out borg that are too close, and deal incredible Damage if you flank the Borg. Split Beams are good for long range if you're trying to pull the Borg, since they don't knock back, but you have to use the secondary fire wisely. Miniguns aren't a very good idea, since they rely on deal damage over time, which isn't very effective against the Borg. The Blast guns are actually worse then the Pulsewave against the Borg, so it's better to just get the Pulsewave.