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04-22-2012, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by Kreael
I would say a Sci holder/disabler for the most part, although plasma isn't that great for PvP from what I hear so that could hurt the bonus from the 2 piece bonus. Depends too if the 5% capacity bonus is to the base amount or your modified amount which could lead to a stupid high shield amount.

I'd say a sci inside a sci oddy or a sci ship. I wonder if the HY torp flies faster than an evasive maneuver powered TBR.

But really, the set is pretty underwhelming for the amount of work it would take to get IMHO.
so i got it to the" tac klink in a BOP" of mine..

i reskilled him to do gravitons, and got him a BOFF with gravity well II and TB repulsors, hazard emitters and polarize hull.. to be the the 4 skill officer.

then i bought one plasma torpedo with console, both MK XII green.

then i tried it in some STF's..

never going back, its tons of fun!

The special torpedo is awesome, shield stacking is not something you could observe in STF's
cause of the oneshotting invisible borg stuff, have to try this in some PVP.

Will surely be getting this set to my SCI fed in T'Kyr too.

and it's green