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04-22-2012, 04:42 PM
I found this mission really engaging. TL;DR: I wish this mission was part of the official storyline. You will too. This is Trek.

I'm the type of player who is very sensitive to storytelling through environments as much as anything else. Finding myself with a drunken Klingon yelling FOR THE EMPIRE in my ear upon my entry into Prell's hit the exact note I was expecting to find in such a club so close to the border. Your maps were simply inspiring in how they were made.

I can expand on that sentiment throughout the rest of the mission. I was impressed with the atmosphere which really enabled the story for me, particularly in parts were references to canon (such as the mention of The Acts of Cumberland from 'The Measure of a Man') were used to anchor concepts and not just as throw-away one-liners (Cryptic style). This is only topped for me by the overall pacing of the mission which was exceptional in how it gave a balance between dialogue and objectives.

If I was to place emphasis on one particular aspect of the mission that makes it worth while to play, it would be in how you presented a real issue to deal with. You so flawlessly integrated a 'sentient life' question into the game using an array of Trek canon, thereby expanding on those themes. Giving life to Trek. Thats exactly what this game is lacking. I was particularly enthralled at how you placed the ultimate decision (effectively) into the hands of the player.

That 'Yes', or 'No' before the deliberation REALLY got me. Stunned me even. Worried me. Trek always left me asking myself about what was going on. If I agreed with their stance on genetic engineering, or the prime directive (can of worms right there) or how I would respond if I was in that situation. Situations which for the most part could be applicable in the 21st century as much as they were said to be in the future... I actually picked No to see how you would handle things (whether it would accept the player's decision primarily) and was just horrified by the result! ^^

Enjoy the 100 dilithium tip, put it to good use, make more!

... and thanks.

p.s. On a matter of personal preference I would have preferred to be universally referred to as Captain, by Lovejoy and Prell.

On a spellcheck note:
Maybe change the "Thank you, Sir. I should have a report for you in 3 hours." to "Yes, Sir. I should have...". Unless it was intentional that your officer was thanking you for giving them an assignment/order ^^ (when in warp en route to Earth).

There was also a typo in the Orion's dialogue where you ask "State your Intentions" and he replies " I am interesting in a trade." I assume that should be 'interested'.