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04-22-2012, 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by malek3
Not a tough mission if you use your mouse to steer your ship to kill the work bees and write down the instructions for disabling the Tac Satellites in the next part. The swarms were easily taken care of with a 360 degree arc array or turret and a torpedo launcher. Was an enjoyable mission!
I think, maybe, Cryptic was trying to encourage people to think differently when they did this mission, and it wasn't always appreciated. It involved several types of tasks, and I know in my case, I really hated the rapid-paced battle part of it. That's simply not part of why I like STO; but that's just me. Some people like the mindless, shoot-em-up aspect of the game, and bless them for doing so. I thought it could have been made a little more thinking-oriented instead of reflex-oriented, though.

Writing down the instructions for the Ferengi tasks was always a given for me; I guess some people just don't have such things occur to them naturally. No shots against them for that; but now they've had it suggested to them.

Fighting the swarmers, though, is something where I really think they were expecting people to think differently, though. Switching to a Boff with Beam: Fire At Will is something that would likely occur to some people first, but there are also options that make it even easier; Using the Tactical Automated Defence Turret console works wonderfully, as does replacing the shuttle torpedo with a Hargh'peng torpedo to fire into the cluster of swarmers before they get near, because the blast radius of it takes out a whole bunch of the swarmers at once (and it moves much faster than a Tricobalt torp).