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04-22-2012, 06:11 PM
its sure easier then drag racing tanks or APCs.. you should see Top Gear
When Jeremy Clarkson takes a Land Rover Sport to a Tank Training site and plays Tag.. with Fighting Vehicles.. IT's really funny chaos.. Zoom Zoom.

I recommend sitting in the Gunners position and looking down the targeting system to anyone...
Bonus points if you don't have to enlist for 3 years for the privilege.. .
I met the Commander of a Mechanized Infantry Battalion when he was in the front office and i was a cadet.. So after my knee injury and reassignment i had returned to teach a cadet class. To help him out
When he gained the new command I was invited with my Troops to visit and ride in his Command track down a tank trail.. .Amazing stuff.

Leading troops up the ramp and showing them how to safely buckle into the centre facing seat positions and the gun ports wasn't all that much different from.. Being on a Special Ed bus route wking a lift bus ramp and tie downs.. .during finish college.

Brother stayed at a friends farm oncve that had its own hay bail track and we'd do it with a station wagon.