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04-22-2012, 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by stargate525 View Post
I was referred here by this thread, played it this afternoon.

tl;dr, Enjoy your other 100 dilthium tip.

I loved this mission. I absolutely agree that this is Trek.

I would have enjoyed a bit more about the murder itself. I mean, settling her as a citizen, alright. But she still committed murder; and we never really sorted her defense on that one. I also found it REALLY jarring that our dead admiral was just left in the holodeck. I took this mission, bopped around for a few hours, did some doffs... I mean, real-time, I was halfway across the quadrant at a point.

I imagine he'd be rather smelly.

This could have been broken up, I feel, into two missions; the murder investigation and the trial. As it stands, both sides felt a little bit rushed to me. Part of this is the way you skip over whole big chunks of time. I would LOVED to have seen the trial and interrogation go on so we could hear the whole thing. Even if it's a bit shorter than is realistic. It would have been better than the gold text of summarizing doom.

Thanks for the feedback, but it wasn't a trial of her associated with the crime. The Admiral was also not left in the holodeck.

But, based on other feedback, you are probably right that I summarized too much with gold text. I try to pace things where the closer you get to the end, the less reading is involved until the climax.