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# 1 AJS Mission Catalog
04-23-2012, 12:40 AM
These are my seven published Foundry missions to date, hope you enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

AJS: Aries Proving Ground

ID: ST-???
LEVEL: 41+

At the direction of the Special Task Force, the Aries Proving Ground has been established at the edge of the Bajor system to help keep Starfleet's captains at the peak of their abilities. It is open to all ship commanders of captain rank or higher to test their weapon configurations and skills.

This mission is designed to allow players to quickly and accurately test new ship builds and battle tactics in a controlled environment. It is accessed from inside DS9. I hope it proves useful.

* * *

AJS: Finding Resolution

LEVEL: Game calls it a lieutenant mission but solo players should be at least 40 to try it.

On the outskirts of the Ker'rat system, a moon has drifted too close to its parent world and is being slowly torn apart. A research outpost, established to observe the forming ring system, went quiet over a week ago. The U.S.S. Resolution was sent to investigate but there has been no word and she is now three days overdue.

NOTE: This is ideal as a team mission for 2 to 3 players. It can be soloed by high level characters but will be difficult, requiring a patient and methodical approach.

* * *

AJS: Hostage Situation

SHUTTLE MISSION: This mission is designed to be played with a shuttle.

LEVEL: 16+

True Way terrorists have captured the Utopia Planitia shipyards and have taken the base personnel into custody. They are threatening to begin killing the hostages if their demands are not met. Starfleet Command needs you to infiltrate the base and neutralize them.

NOTE: There are some extra dialogue options if you have already played "AJS: Cardassian Shipyard."

* * *

AJS: Mysterious Stranger

ID: ST-HGZJ48724
LEVEL: 41+

An ancient and massive ship has arrived in the Vorn system. Heavily damaged, it has begun to repair itself using material scavenged from a nearby asteroid field.

All attempts at communication have failed and the Borg are dangerously near. Starfleet Command is looking for a brave captain to examine the ship up close.

NOTE: This mission takes place in Gamma Orionis so you must have unlocked access to that sector to play it.

* * *

The AJS Beta Ursae Dailies:

AJS: Bound In Ice

LEVEL: 31+

An emergency beacon from a Federation shuttlecraft has been detected, originating from the icebound world of Toron V in the Beta Ursae sector. Conditions on the surface are brutal so a rescue effort must be mounted at once.

NOTE: Short mission, ground combat.

* * *

AJS: Cardassian Shipyard

LEVEL: 31+

In an effort to strengthen ties with the provisional government, Starfleet Command has requested that you make use of a new Cardassian shipyard in the Kinjun system of the Beta Ursae sector for scheduled repairs.

NOTE: Short Mission, heavy space combat

* * *

AJS: The Jaws of Scylla

LEVEL: 41+

A survey ship has detected a derelict Borg sphere in a decaying orbit around Scylla, a neutron star near the edge of the Badlands in the Beta Ursae sector. This ship could contain valuable intelligence; Starfleet Command wants you to board her and secure it before the sphere is destroyed.

NOTE: Short Mission; brief space flight and heavy ground combat.

* * *