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Originally Posted by Elsaud
I think, maybe, Cryptic was trying to encourage people to think differently when they did this mission, and it wasn't always appreciated. It involved several types of tasks, and I know in my case, I really hated the rapid-paced battle part of it. That's simply not part of why I like STO; but that's just me. Some people like the mindless, shoot-em-up aspect of the game, and bless them for doing so. I thought it could have been made a little more thinking-oriented instead of reflex-oriented, though.

Writing down the instructions for the Ferengi tasks was always a given for me; I guess some people just don't have such things occur to them naturally. No shots against them for that; but now they've had it suggested to them.

Fighting the swarmers, though, is something where I really think they were expecting people to think differently, though. Switching to a Boff with Beam: Fire At Will is something that would likely occur to some people first, but there are also options that make it even easier; Using the Tactical Automated Defence Turret console works wonderfully, as does replacing the shuttle torpedo with a Hargh'peng torpedo to fire into the cluster of swarmers before they get near, because the blast radius of it takes out a whole bunch of the swarmers at once (and it moves much faster than a Tricobalt torp).
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