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04-23-2012, 10:49 AM
Ah, Brilliant! I was unaware of that webpage and have it bookmarked now; thank you much.

My 3 short missions in the Beta Ursae sector* were actually conceived as being a set of "STF Dailies" since I do lots of them and my character is often parked at DS9. As most of the short, daily missions I had found were in the Serius sector, I thought it would be helpful to my fellow STF'ers to have a trio of quick missions they could do without having to leave B.U.

Also I wanted to make them short but challenging, fit for the elite STF crowd who could use them for a nice work-out before starting to queue up for the PUGs. I, for one, like to do a few short, heavy-fighting missions before I get started.

If you would be interested in giving them a go and reviewing them that would be wonderful. It's hard to get attention for them and they are still largely unplayed. You can post your thoughts here or where ever you think appropriate. I am a writer by trade and can take it

*AJS: Bound in Ice
*AJS: Cardassian Shipyard
*AJS: The Jaws of Scylla