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04-23-2012, 11:06 AM
The auto refinement doesn't happen if you refine manually. I log in everyday, and I never manually refine. There seems to be a set time when the refining is set to happen. For me, it's in the evening some time. When I log in, I immediately get a message "You refined xxxx dilithium". This only happens once per day. If I earn more dilithium, log out and log back in, there is no auto refinement even if I didn't reach the 8K cap previously. The next auto-refine doesn't happen until I log back in the next day. It's actually a great way to keep track of how much dilithium I have earned in a single day. I actually don't have a backlog of unrefined ore (or at least very little). I think the most I ever had is 10K (I actually earn a lot more in total, but it's just spread across 6 characters, so I rarely reach my refinement cap on any one toon).

So, to test the autorefinement, stop manually refining. The system should 'catch up' after a day or so.