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04-23-2012, 10:17 AM
People thinking there is only space PvP. There is PvP fun to be had in both space and ground.

'Must have' armor/shields/weapons/skills/C-store consoles/ships. It's killing diversity of play.

AFK'ers/Dilithium farmers/cloakers that stay cloaked and don't fight at all. These people make PvP and waiting for the queueing for PvP a waste of time.

Spawn camping/spawn killing. We need fixed and secure spawn points.

Useless kit skills. Engineering kit - Combat Supply....really?!?

Ranking system. Seperate the noobs and the casual PvPers from the hardcore 'Victory is life!' PvPers.

Meaningful rewards for participating in PvP. Time spent doing PvP is time not spent doing PvE,where the 'must have' gear is to be had.

More maps/enviroments. We have been PvPing on the same maps,seeing the same enviroments for over 2 years now.