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04-23-2012, 11:22 AM
No No No.

2 Lt. cmdr slots? Ridicules

+10 to all power settings? Crazy

13 console slots? Get out of here

This is just someones fantasy build. Waste of time

And btw all ships have shield modifiers, not a base amount of shielding. ( .8, 1.2 , etc)

Lets have a Quonos Dreadnaught build then

5 forward weapons
4 rear
2 cmdr universal slots
2 lt. cmdr slots
2 lt slots

15 console slots
5 device slots
3 hanger bays

special disruptor cannons that deals 15k damage in an 90 degree arc, 30 sec cooldown.

There we are, another ridicules build! Get real!